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Ultra Pure Castile Plain Unscented Handmade Soap

Ultra Pure Castile Plain Unscented Handmade Soap

$ 10.00

Unscented Ultra Pure Castile Soap.  This is the simplest, purest soap we make: virgin olive oil, water, and lye.  There are no "super fats" (extra fats) in this soap.  Nothing else is added.

Color of this soap varies with the brand of olive oil I use to make it.  It ranges from a light tan color to a soft green color. 

The olive oil is cold pressed virgin olive oil. The lye is food grade lye. We use our own, cold well water to make this soap, there are no chemicals, chlorine, or fluoride in the water. This soap is cruelty free, coconut free, palm free, fragrance free. This is as simple and pure as soap gets.

"Fragrance free" means no fragrances or scents are added to the soap. This soap has a scent of its may notice a slight fruity olive scent (think fine olive oil). That comes from the olive oil I used to make the soap. The scent will diminish as the bar ages into a fine bar of hard castile soap.

Glycerin occurs naturally in my soaps (and in all handmade soaps). It is produced during the saponification process.


Coconut Free, Palm Free.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, water, lye


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