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Salt Soap, Unscented Dead Sea Salt Handmade Soap

Salt Soap, Unscented Dead Sea Salt Handmade Soap

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Unscented Dead Sea Salt Soap, Unscented.  This is a basic salt soap made with lots of Dead Sea Salt and a tiny bit of Dead Sea Clay Powder to add a tinge of blue/gray color.  (It is different than our Dead Sea Minerals Soap which features the Dead Sea Mud and no added salt).  These salt bars cure rock hard and are difficult to wear out!  The salt has a mild grit to it, making a wonderful exfoliant!  No fragrance or scent added.  The salt makes the lather lower than in the plain soaps.

The Dead Sea is one of the most mineral dense places on the earth. While the Dead Sea salt cannot be eaten, it is highly prized for it's mineral properties. I would not use it on broken skin...the salt stings when it gets into a cut. 


Our Dead Sea Clay Powder is made by dehydrating authentic Dead Sea Mud until all the moisture is gone.  It is then it is ground into a fine powder and sifted for use in our soaps. 

Ingredients: olive oil, water, lye, Dead Sea Salt, castor oil, vitamin e oil, Dead Sea Clay powder


Definition of "Dead Sea" terms:  

Dead Sea Mud:  Our mineral mud shipped from Israel.  It is literally mud from the banks of the Dead Sea.  It contains the original salt water.  It is black in color, grainy, and smells like the sea.  It can be used in it's original form for facials, soapmaking, and therapeutic uses. 

Dead Sea Clay Powder: dehydrated Dead Sea Mud.  We allow the mud to dry in the sun until dry and brittle.  We then grind and sift it and use the resulting powder in our soaps.  I buy massive amounts of Dead Sea Mud and drying it is an economical and efficient way of extending it's storage life span.    

Dead Sea Clay:  Rehydrated Dead Sea Clay Powder.  The original sea water content was dehydrated out of the mud to create our powder.  Sometimes, we will add distilled water (or aloe vera juice or an infused tea) to our powder and use it as a natural coloring in our soaps.  It can be rehydrated and used for facials and such.  The Dead Sea Clay is not equal to the Dead Sea Mud in that it no longer contains the original sea water.  It only contains the mineral and salt content of the original product. 

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