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Ultra Pure Castile Essential 7 Handmade Soap

Ultra Pure Castile Essential 7 Handmade Soap

$ 10.00

Essential 7 Ultra Pure Castile Soap.  Our proprietary blend of seven exquisite essential oils.  Rosemary, clove bud, tea tree, lavender, lemon, cinnamon. And eucalyptus essential oils are blended to create this unique scent.  Each of these oils have been selected for their germ fighting capibilities.  The scent is strong and long lasting.  Our Ultra Pure Castile has a low lather that cleanses skin and rinses away without residue.  This is the simplest, purest soap we make: virgin olive oil, water, essential oil and lye.  There are no "super fats" (extra fats) or castor oil or vitamin e oil in this soap.

Color of this soap varies from green to gold depending on which brand of olive oil is used. 

The olive oil is cold pressed virgin olive oil. The lye is food grade lye. We use our own, cold well water to make this soap, there are no chemicals, chlorine, or fluoride in the water. This soap is cruelty free, coconut free, palm free, fragrance free. This is as simple and pure as soap gets.

Glycerin occurs naturally in my soaps (and in all handmade soaps). It is produced during the saponification process.

ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, water, lye, essential oil.


Coconut Free, Palm Free.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, water, lye


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